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  • Jeff Morgan

God, Technology, & the Christian Life

If you find yourself with thirty minutes to spare and are looking for something interesting to listen to, I'd like to recommend a recent episode of the Mortification of Spin podcast entitled "God, Technology, & the Christian Life". In this episode, Todd Reinke of Desiring God Ministries is promoting his new book by the same title, and in my opinion, Mr. Reinke does have some interesting insights concerning how the Bible addresses technology and its challenges. As you listen to the interview, you'll notice a slight degree of disagreement among the three men on the program, with Carl Trueman of Grove City College being the most suspicious of technology and its dangers. Reinke gets a little carried away with himself at one point in his enthusiasm for the usefulness of technology, and Dr. Trueman respectfully but firmly applies the breaks. All in all it's the kind of discussion among earnest Christians that can make us all a little more thoughtful about our use and abuse of technology. If you'd like to listen, you can find the podcast episode here.

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