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  • Jeff Morgan

Separated unto God

This past week, I attended the Spring Theology Conference of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and heard what is probably one of the top three sermons I've ever heard in my life.

On Wednesday night, Dr. Michael Morales, who teaches Biblical Studies at GPTS, preached a sermon entitled "Separated unto God" on the Nazarite vow found in the sixth chapter of the Book of Numbers. Dr. Morales presented a masterful exegesis of this difficult passage and concluded with a beautiful and challenging Gospel application. It was good for both head and heart.

Drs. John Payne and Carl Trueman also gave excellent talks at the conference which are certainly worth a listen; but I want to especially commend to you Dr. Morales's sermon which you can find on sermonaudio here. In my expereince, this is a rare piece of work from a fine Old Testament scholar and passionate Gospel preacher from whom I hope to learn all that I can.

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